010: Efforts in Equals Efforts Out.

In this episode, I discuss how not to be an information collector, but rather an action taker to achieve your goals.

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009: Opinions vs. Facts

  In this episode, I discuss the confusion between opinions vs. facts and how we live I'm a society where we don't always question the validity of a solution. That [...]

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008: My Darkest Moment Became My Greatest Gift.

In this episode, I go deep into a past traumatic experience that forever changed my life, later becoming one of my greatest gifts of empowerment. I am extremely grateful for [...]

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007: Top Deadly Food Combinations To Avoid

  In this five minute episode you will discover the top food combinations that could be stopping you from achieving a lead healthy physique. Poor food combinations can lead to [...]

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006: Fives Ways To Self-Empower

In this five minute episode you will not only discover fie ways to self empower, but observe how exterior motivation is a false sense of self-confidence.

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005: Why Counting Your Calories Will Ultimately Fail

In this episode, you will discover the bitter truth about how counting calories and macros long term benefits will ultimately fail, while understanding the basic principles of the human body, [...]

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003: Your Symptom’s Secret & Living Consciously

This episode goes through the underlying meaning of symptoms that our body is expressing to us, while sharing with you a disheartening experience that led me to seek out a [...]

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