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Fitness Alert: Social Media Scams to Avoid

Say no to fat burners


Today’s fitness industry or should I say ‘fitness standards” has become completely skewed of its true purpose. I have not seen to many people write a blog about this on-going issue, so I’m just going to go for it. 🙂

Everywhere you turn, there is a ‘fitness chick or fitness guy’ on social media, trying to ‘teach you’ the proper techniques, the most effective workouts or the magic synthetic supplement that will ‘make you look like them’.

There are too many ‘fitness icons’ in the social media world that promote harmful synthetic supplements (such as synthetic fat burners and anabolic steroids) who are unaware or may not even care, about this unqualified health and fitness advice.

In addition, there are numerous personal trainers and fitness competitor trainers that promote and even administer these dangerous substances.

To add insult to injury, we have these same fitness icons shoving diet cokes and “In & Out” burgers in our faces.  They then follow up with next day posts of ab photos paired with a low level pop culture subtitle that reads: ‘dem gainz’.

It’s been proven that this type of negligent and extreme “fitness lifestyle” can lead to depression and body dysmorphia.  Many of my clients have told me that this does nothing to help motivate them, but actually deters them even more.  It’s already hard enough for them to stay away from those foods as it is, they don’t need people they think they should look up to flaunting things in their faces.  Instead of inspiring, they actually do more harm than good to help people overcome their hard to break habits and poor food choices.

Since when did fitness become about showing off what you have (or may have synthetically) made?  Upon witnessing this type of display try to then ask yourself, “Is this person about helping me progress, or more about showing off their ‘assets’ without honestly showing how they really got there?”

I’m trying my best not to generalize, as there are many REAL health professionals out there that I very much align with; who are actually trying to make a difference by teaching others what it really means to being healthy and fit.  And to those inspirational figures, I respect and thank you for actually caring to help people grow.

For those that have become wrapped up in this vicious circus, social media fitness has almost become like soft core porn.  It’s done purely for entertainment, having non educational value whatsoever.  “What provocative crotch shots and booty angles are we filming for IG today?”

What’s the point of all this?  Are we unconsciously seeking approval from one another?  Is the point of all this to get the highest number of followers on social media?  Will your booty crotch shots actually help the girl or guy who can barely get out of bed in the morning?

I first started modeling at a young age (19), having also been the victim of an unhealthy influence and pressure to exploit myself.  My photoshoots often leaned towards the “very sexy” and were purely for entertainment.  Having matured and grown through my own process, I realized in my late 20’s that I was coming from a place of emotionally unhealthiness.  Fortunately for me, I grew.  I didnt feel the need to gain “acceptance”.  If I did not admit to these mistakes and admit that not only was I exploiting myself, but I’m also supporting the very same bad fitness culture that I’m here to warn you about today.  Without being brutally honest with myself, and agreeing to grow,  I would not have developed into the woman I am today.  You can read more about my process from a previous blog: ‘Fuel To My Fire Through My Eyes’.

For those of you who are getting your panties in a twist, I am not generalizing everyone and the entire industry/industries being skewed.  I have worked and met many amazing people and companies that promote a healthy lifestyle.  My point in this blog is to raise awareness to the masses who are basing their goals on social media fitness icons and their distorted fitness culture.  Maybe there is a better way.  This is my honest expression based on my experience in the fitness / entertainment and medical industries.

Being in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years as a fitness cover model, a health and fitness mentor/trainer, and a pro bikini champion (now an ex-pro competitor believer), along with the medical industry for 5 years as a Registered P. Nurse, and business owner of PrestinFit (training and nutritional systems) – I have seen it ALL.

The lies people tell you to look a certain way – from fitness competitors passing out back-stage, to competitors injecting themselves with anything and everything to get the look they ‘need’, the politics involved in a fitness competition, extreme crash dieting, developing thyroid issues, depression and autoimmune diseases – the list goes on and on and I haven’t even included what I’ve seen during my nursing practice.

My point in writing this is simple:  It’s time for YOU to break free of being influenced by this distorted fitness trap of synthetic muscles, ass implants and magic supplements that are going ultimately harm your health.  And health should be the #1 factor that defines a fitness lifestyle.

The fitness industry can be one of the unhealthiest environments amongst some of the unhealthiest people (mentally and physically).

I learned you can’t really blame people for approval seeking behavior, as the majority of the entertainment fitness industry raises the standards and pressures on the average men and women.  According to them, the average women NEEDS to wear a corset/waist trainer, have a huge Kardashian booty, take synthetic fat burners and testosterone shots to ‘look the part’.  To them, the average man needs to take steroids, excessive growth hormones, and fat burners to compete with the numerous amount of muscle physiques out there.

Because this type of behavior is so common, it’s unrealistic to say that it will go away.  However, you can pick and choose what you want to see in your news feed everyday, who you listen to and what company you buy from.  You can surround yourself with honest people.  You can select what you pollute your mind with or what you nurture your soul with. You can become aware and distinguish the difference of what someone may be telling you, the supplements they are selling you, and or the distorted image they are presenting to you, may not be true.

It means being able to think for yourself, and read between the lines in order to protect yourself from falling into the trap of achieving this false perception of what you think a healthy person should look like.

Secondly, look at all of the garbage that’s out there.  The synthetic supplement advertisements that promise you the world.  The best fat burners, the best diet pill, the supplements that don’t even list the amount of ingredients in the supplement that are sending people to the hospital from stomach ulcers, to strokes and heart attacks.  In my clinical practice, I would encounter a lot of this from dangerous supplements sold on the market.  There are way too many products out there that are just using social media as a marketing tool to get the hottest models to promote their products even though they are detrimental to your health.

Remember back in the day with cigarette commercials that would get an attractive female to show you smoking was sexy?  These are the same cheap tactics they use in fitness advertising, and we fail to even begin to question it.

I created PrestinFit to simply organize an effective system to help you understand what’s really in your foods, as well as the chemicals and dangerous toxins found in synthetic supplements that are being sold on the market.  These supplements do the complete opposite of helping you improve your well being and longevity.  They cause chronic inflammation to the body; a leading cause to almost every illness and disease to the human body.  Why do they take the supplements you ask?  Unfortunately many are willing to sacrifice their health in the long run (and sometimes the short run) to do anything to ‘get the look’.

A simple solution is to become aware and read what you are consuming.  Just because a sexy fitness model tells you she or he takes it, doesn’t mean you should just buy it.  Don’t assume he or she even knows what’s in it, or understands the physiology of the body and what it really means to be healthy and fit.  Become actively responsible for your health, and always read reviews and nutritional labels before ingesting any type of supplement regardless of what you’re told.

Today you see a lot of workout programs that are put out for the sake of promoting their own supplements.  These programs tend to have the same regurgitated information from the other steroid junkie or ‘IG ass model’ with a different fitness company slapped on the cover.  Don’t buy on impulse just because you see a girl promoting her booty building program.  (Especially if they bought the booty and not the program).

“But, Miss Prestin, you have fake boobs!  How can you justify that?”  Yes I had breast augmentation at the of age 21.  I was very lean and never had boobs bigger then a small B cup. But damn did I work hard for my booty and the rest of my body.  You don’t see people getting their boobs done and then selling them as a “Boob Building Program”.  Imagine if I tried to sell you on a PrestinFit Boob Building Program, wouldn’t that be completely false advertising?!

Ask yourself, how far has the industry gone of promoting the next butt implant as “My Booty Building Program”.  You can WORK for the booty!  It’s 100% possible.  I wish you could, but you can’t grow boobs.

In addition, I am not teaching others how to grow boobs and then charging them for it.  Now that I am older, if I waited until this long, I would not need breast implants to feel confident, happy and comfortable in my own skin.  We all grow and learn, and when I was in my 20’s I was insecure with myself.  After I got them, I was still trying to find myself, until I learned that it’s not about the external things that bring you happiness, it’s real progression, and inner peace.

I have never taken a fat burner and I am 100% against all of these harmful synthetic supplements.  You do not need them to get there.  Your body is a natural FAT BURNER!  You’re the healer.  You’re the prize!

Get away from the mentality that you need a quick fix for all your problems (this goes towards the medical industry as well).

You can call me a nurse that doesn’t believe in masking your problems with a pain killer or thyroid pill.  I believe in digging deep and getting to the core root of the problem.  Illness almost always starts with chronic inflammation of the body from poor diet.  I’m here to educate and share my knowledge with you about organic whole foods.  What to look for and what to avoid in your diet at the grocery stores.  How to stay on top of a simple and realistic healthy diet that promotes anti-aging, longevity and preventative tools.

Once you have this under control, you won’t need to be on all of these medications.  I can relate this to my own life experiences.  I was also once running from my problems, and my suppressed emotions and traumas.  You can temporarily mask it with superficial things, but it won’t bring you the peace and the happiness you are ultimately looking for.

Lastly, to me the importance of staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle is not just about eating right and staying physically active – But also to train your mind and body to be in a constant state of readiness for whatever life throws your way.

This means improving your fitness mentally, physically and emotionally.  Ask yourself, how are you going to be ready for life’s challenges if you are not practicing a healthy lifestyle?

In todays society, we tend to just focus on building an appearance to look good, however as mentioned above,  you have to be the part and not just try and look the part.

I am a firm believer that the aesthetic, or beauty as we know it, is a by product of being fit.  The aesthetic will come naturally, especially once your inner health has been addressed.

It’s time to change our mindset of what being fit really is. How are you going to focus on your visions, or be organized in your thoughts and feelings if you are not physically active, eating well and nourishing your body everyday?

We also need to start looking at fitness from a longevity perspective vs. a quick fix for the weekend. I hear it all the time, “I need to look good for the wedding, or photoshoot, or a reunion”. But what about changing your mindset that you are enjoying the process, and working on your mental, emotional and physically fitness progression to live a happy, healthy life to better you’re well being.

Accepting that health and fitness is a continuous lifestyle to better yourself, will help you live a long healthy life. It allows you to stay focused and surrender to inner peace that you are longing for.

To me, the purpose to being healthy and fit is for survival.  Fitness should be a synergy of emotionally fit, mentally fit and physically fit.

PrestinFit stands for survival and longevity through a healthy and natural fitness lifestyle.

A quote by Tony Robbins that reminds us how important our health is in order to maximize our full potential in life and attract the things we really want is; “The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body, the more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results”.

You can achieve this by eliminating harmful chemicals and toxins, negative unhealthy people, and by realizing that the whole social media fitness fascade is not really the way it is.  You have the ability to make a choice, now make sure you make good use of it.

“Spend less time pretending to be the part, and more time being the part”.

~ Laura Michelle Prestin

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About the Author:

Laura Michelle Prestin is one of the industry’s leading internationally published fitness models in the world. Laura holds a degree as a Registered Practical Nurse specializing in health, fitness & anti-aging. Laura also attained a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University. Read More About Prestin or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  1. Paul Gardyne April 15, 2016 at 6:30 am - Reply

    Hey Prestin
    Lovely article! That is the most I have read in years ? Joke.
    I agree with your points! Everything these days is now. New phone now! Fast food now! Pills to make you loose weight now! Steroids now! Exercise should Almaty be a spiritual individual journey. Keeping up with the jones’ has nothing to do with it. If you are step back and think again.

    I loved your other article that spoke about haven’t built a solid foundation mentially , emotionally and physically. Like anything in your life it has to be flexible and multi fascited.
    Otherwise your fake physique , fake social media , and fake headspace will come tumbling down.
    It’s takes commitment ! It’s not about “sculpting bro” it’s a lifestyle. It’s not about an 8 pack it’s about having a solid core at 80! Having a solid foundation! You want a physique that you can grow old with not something that looks good now but will crumble like a sand castle when your muscles start to wax and wane.
    That’s why I love your ab and core exercises 🙂 that’s now about now that’s stabilizing for the future.
    Away that’s my rant. Two cents worth.
    Keep up the Dream

  2. Lauren Daily April 15, 2016 at 12:04 pm - Reply

    This was by far one I’d the best /well written articles I have read about fitness standards today. I love that you brought up the fact that most fitness icons display messages of healthy lifestyles but don’t actually practice what they preach. I never thought about how it might make someone who is just beginning their fitness journey feel by seeing fitness icons eat and drink foods that they wish they could be eating.
    It also promotes the unhealthy idea that “when I’m skinnier or more fit I can eat like that too!” Which seems to totally contradict the healthy lifestyle message to begin with.
    That’s why Prestinfit is so effective….because it’s real!! It’s not about just being fit to be sexy or to possibly become the next Victoria Secret model who chugs diet coke behind the curtain, it’s about being living smart… become healthy from the inside out…. to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. It’s that simple!:)

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