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7 Proven Facts That You May Not Know About Coffee


Miss Prestin

For years, health care professionals have been warning about the negative health effects of drinking coffee. However, like anything, coffee should not be used in excess. Studies continue to show that there are many health benefits  to moderate coffee consumption such as increasing your risk for cardiovascular disease or any other serious illness.

  1. Coffee gives you essential nutrients and is an antioxidant.Coffee provides anti-aging vitamins and minerals to help improve your health and overall appearance. Did you know that coffee has anti-aging properties in it and is is a rich source of disease-fighting antioxidants. In addition, the following beneficial vitamins and minerals are found in  single cup of coffee. (1)
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 11% of the RDA.
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5): 6% of the RDA.
  • Manganese and Potassium: 3% of the RDA.
  • Magnesium and Niacin (B3): 2% of the RDA
  1. Coffee will help you burn fat

As most of you may know that I am 100% against synthetic toxic fat burners. I believe that there are certain fat burner foods that can help you lean out without resorting to the use of harmful fat burning pills. In addition, harmful fat burning pills may not show the amount of caffeine in their products, or contain high amounts of caffeine increasing your risk of heart attacks. This being said, you can actually drink an organic coffee to reap the fat burning effects to from moderate consumption of caffeine.

Several studies show that caffeine can boost the metabolic rate by 3-11% (2)

Other studies show that caffeine can specifically increase the burning of fat, by as much as 10% in obese individuals and 29% in lean people (3).

My PrestinFit tip to you is drink the organic coffee by itself to let it do it’s magic. Try drinking coffee on an empty stomach 30 minutes before your workout to put it to its full effect.

  1. Coffee can help protect your liver

It turns out that coffee may protect against cirrhosis, which is when the liver has been largely replaced by scar tissue from several common diseases that primarily affect the liver, including hepatitis, fatty liver disease and others. Coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of developing cirrhosis, which can be caused by several diseases that affect the liver.

People who drink 4 or more cups per day have up to an 80% lower risk (4)

  1. Coffee can help you diminish depression

Lifestyle and poor diet can lead to depression. Unfortunately depression is much more common then most people think. Did you know that about 4.1% of people in the U.S. currently meet the criteria for clinical depression?

In a Harvard study published in 2011, women who drank 4 or more cups per day had a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed.

This is great news, along with a positive change in lifestyle, it can aid in your happiness to feeling good.

  1. Coffee improves brain function

Did you know that coffee may actually make you smarter? This doesn’t mean that ordering a latte from Starbucks full of high fructose corn syup will make you smarter haha. It will do quiet the opposite.

Studies have shown that a high quality coffee improves various aspects of brain function. This includes memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels, reaction times and general cognitive function (5).

Caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, which leads to a stimulant effect. This improves energy levels, mood and various aspects of brain function.

  1. Coffee can improve your athletic and physical performance

During your workouts, you want to make sure you are maximizing your body’s full potential and athletic  performance. I am a true believer that organic foods can aid in your performance. Just think if you are putting McDonalds cheeseburgers into the Ferrari, how is it going to drive effectively.  The same applies to a high quality coffee.

Caffeine makes the fat cells break down body fat, releasing them into the blood as free fatty acids and making them available as fuel (7)

Given these effects, it is not surprising to see that caffeine can improve physical performance by 11-12%, on average (8)

Caffeine can increase adrenaline levels and release fatty acids from the fat tissues

Since I do not take pre workout supplements due to most of them being full of toxins, I have a shot of espresso or a cup a coffee 30 minutes before I workout. Jut make sure that you are consuming coffee by itself prior to working out to let coffee perform it’s properties. This would mean not to add milk, sugar, or cream, prior t working out to reap the full benefits of coffee.

  1. Coffee may help you live longer

My objective is to share with you facts about living a healthier and longer life.  Obviously, coffee needs to be incorporated with a health lifestyle, such as an effective workout program and a health diet, however, studies show that a high quality coffee can increase your life-span

In two very large studies, drinking coffee was associated with a 20% lower risk of death in men and a 26% lower risk of death in women, over a period of 18-24 years (9)

This effect appears to be particularly strong in type II diabetics. In one study, diabetics who drank coffee had a 30% lower risk of death during a 20 year study period (10)

Remember, don’t look at foods from a negative standpoint as to “this will make me fat”…Look at the foods you select as “how does this benefit me”. Don’t think of your foods as an obstacle, but as an aid.

Think about the foods you can eat will enhance your performance, physique and life- span.

Prestin xo

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Laura Michelle Prestin is one of the industry’s leading internationally published fitness models in the world. Laura holds a degree as a Registered Practical Nurse specializing in health, fitness & anti-aging. Laura also attained a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University. Read More About Prestin or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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