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I’m Laura Michelle Prestin and welcome to my online fitness community.  With so much information flooding the fitness industry, the frustration to discern what works and what doesn’t is at an all time high.  For many years, I too struggled to find the right training methodology to help me maximize my physical potential.  It wasn’t until I discovered the cause of my ignorance in health and fitness, that I was able to see the true blueprint to really train the human body.

I have been in the health & fitness industry for almost 12 years as a Registered Practical Nurse, high performance coach, certified trainer and a fitness cover model.  Having seen what really goes on in the food, pharmaceutical and fitness competitive industries, it is my duty to bring to your attention the dangers that negatively effect your health.

My mission is to redefine the mainstream definition of fitness what it really means to have a healthy and powerful physique by creating a whole new standard of living a happy and powerful lifestyle.  Nothing makes me happier than sharing my knowledge with you, instilling the proper principles and training methods to attain physical excellence.


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