How to NOT Eat Like A Fitness Model: What You May Not Know About Artificial Sweeteners

Oops! Yes, I said it…..Before I become exiled from the fitness community, I’d like to first acknowledge that I am not generalizing ALL ‘fitness models’ as not knowing how to [...]

By | 2017-02-06T19:40:28-08:00 February 6th, 2017|Nutrition|2 Comments

The Count Your Calorie Scam To Avoid: Don’t Count Calories, Count Your Toxins

It’s time to get to the bottom of one of the most talked about fat loss myths out there! Calorie counting. I am sure you have seen many 'fitness gurus' [...]

By | 2017-01-23T11:15:57-08:00 January 21st, 2017|Nutrition|1 Comment

Why Exercise Programs Fail – And What You Can Do About It

  Looking to start a new fitness routine, but afraid that your exercise program is going to fail as soon as you start? You're not alone. For some strange reason, [...]

By | 2017-01-16T19:06:43-08:00 September 6th, 2016|Fitness, Inspiration, Nutrition, Personal, Transformations|2 Comments

7 Proven Facts That You May Not Know About Coffee

  For years, health care professionals have been warning about the negative health effects of drinking coffee. However, like anything, coffee should not be used in excess. Studies continue to [...]

By | 2016-10-18T09:46:37-07:00 May 29th, 2016|Beauty, Fitness, Inspiration, Nutrition|3 Comments
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